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I’m a proud dad of 2 children. As a father, I always want the best for them. For you to give them the best care, I seek the assist of the best experts in the field of education, law and healthcare. Because of this, I have surrounded myself with proven experts who I can easily go to whenever a problem would be present. There was a time when my eldest had study problems. Sadly, since my daughter had a hard time with her studies, she landed a C mark in her Science and English subjects. Moreover, the other subjects she had were almost failing. In order to help my daughter, I decided to look for an expert to tutor her, especially since I want her to go to college. The reason why exert the best for my children is because I nearly had been sent to prison, but because of Walnut Creek DUI Attorney, I am a free man. Before, I was falsely accused in something I didn’t do and they were able to clear my name. They are the reason I am now with a loving family that serves as my motivation. I am really thankful for them because without them, I am not where I am today.